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ART X Lagos 2020

06 December, 2020



Anap Foundation sponsored the New Nigeria Studios online exhibition at ART X Lagos 2020. The exhibition presents the stories of select photographers, filmmakers and protesters who took to the streets of Nigeria in October 2020. Here, viewers are invited to browse different perspectives of a collective outcry for new approaches to governance. Featured artworks spotlight a selection of experiences during this period, across 17 states in Nigeria. Among these are several submissions from the 100 photographers who received support from ART X Collective during the protests.

The presentation of these works considers how physical experiences are increasingly communicated, navigated and expanded through online space. Displayed across 21 digital, interconnected rooms, groupings of these works focus on recurring themes including justice, hashtags and language that describe connections facilitated via social media. This approach captures how and why this pivotal moment in Nigerian history must be remembered, through reasons that transcend ethnic lines and state borders. It connects diverse Nigerian citizens who seek and envision change across this nation. In moving forward, and perhaps above all, this selection radiates a strong belief in the transformation that will usher in a New Nigeria.

“We share a vision for Nigeria’s future in which everyone can realise their fullest potential, and remain committed to providing platforms for expression, upliftment and inspiration. Our fifth edition art fair creates a space where we can come together to contemplate society’s shared demands and expectations for tomorrow, and meditate on new ideas for how our global community might move forward as one. We will continue to work to amplify these important artists’ voices, and champion the art and creativity that contributes tangibly to the movement for a New Nigeria.” - Tokini Peterside, Founder and Director, ART X Lagos.

Visit to view the exhibition until the 31st of December 2020.

New Nigeria Studios is proudly sponsored by Anap Foundation.

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